Exercises for glutes

4 exercises for glutes that you can do at home and tone them to the maximum

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Schedules, meetings, commitments… We know how difficult it is sometimes to include exercise in your busy schedule and we fully understand that you end up looking for training tables that can be done without setting foot in the gym.

In this case, we have chosen to present you with an exercise routine for the buttocks that you can do at home without investing more time than necessary, without equipment and without leaving the room. Easier, impossible.

And for this we have turned to the experts of B3B Woman Studio, who have an ideal proposal to tone and define the area while providing us with greater agility. Obviously, and as we always remember, to see results you have to be constant, in addition to being aware of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle, with a correct diet and good sleeping habits. If you follow these recommendations and add small training routines like this one, it won’t take long for you to notice the change.


Exercises for glutes to do from home

Exercises for glutes

First of all, write down these numbers: you must perform 3 series of 12 repetitions on each side of the exercises that we will detail below; without resting between each one of them. Ready?


“Placed in quadruped, taking care that our hands are aligned with our shoulders and knees with hips, we are going to raise the right leg from the ground fully stretched. Next, we will draw a rainbow with the tip of the foot and to this we will add a few small kicks towards the ceiling, try not to bend the knee and keep the foot stretched throughout the exercise”, they recommend to start the session getting the most out of it.


In the following exercise, we will combine several movements and we will start from the same quadruped position as in the previous one. “We will raise our flexed leg at an angle of 90º. Next, we will give two kicks towards the ceiling in this position, then we will bring our knee to the elbow and we will finish by straightening and bending the leg twice in the starting position. According to the experts at B3B Woman Studio, it is important that we are well focused to carry out the combo correctly.


In this case we will lie on one side and flex our legs to start. “We are going to raise the leg that is on top keeping the knee bent. Next, we will perform a front kick gently and then we will make a small circle with the leg stretched out. The work of not only our gluteus and external part of the leg, but also our torso is important; the shoulders should be down and the abdomen active”, they point out.


Finally, we will lie on our backs and flex our legs, keeping our feet firmly on the ground. “We will perform a half bridge with 2 pulses, we will keep the buttocks up and we will stretch one leg towards the ceiling with our foot in flexion. From this position we will go down with the buttock to touch the ground and we will go up 2 times, keeping our buttocks up again, the stretched leg will go down and go up straight times.

For greater control the arms will be flexed to the sides of the body. Remember to go up vertebra by vertebra to take care of your back.

As you can see, it is an easy routine that will not take you much time but, practiced with dedication and perseverance, will bring the results you want. When we start?