5 Powerful Gluteal Exercises With Gym Ball

5 Powerful Gluteal Exercises With Gym Ball

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One of the muscular parts of our body, which is most difficult to train, are the buttocks. These muscles, in many cases, are usually somewhat difficult to increase and tone, that is why today we want to give you several exercise tips.

One of the ideal fitness accessories for this work is the gym ball, due to its practicality and versatility when using them.

It may be difficult to adjust at first, but nothing that can be solved with continued practice and determination. Next, exercises for glutes with gym ball.


5 Powerful Gluteal Exercises With Gym Ball

Powerful Gluteal Exercises With Gym Ball

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#1 Squats.

Every glute training routine must have included, because yes, a session of good and reliable squats. A basic and traditional exercise, but truly effective for exercising the lower body muscles.

For this exercise we will need our gym ball and be near a wall or support wall. The next thing will be to place the gym ball on our back and hold it with it, pressing support against the wall.

Our body posture must be completely straight and firm, especially the back, the feet must be positioned at the width of our hips. We start the movement by lowering our torso and bending the knees, until we reach a position that simulates sitting in the air, at all times we must hold the gym ball with our back.

This allows the exercise to have a greater effect by maintaining a correct posture throughout the exercise thanks to the gym ball. We will do 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

#2 Raise the hips.

Hip raises are an exercise that focuses your muscle tension directly on the buttocks, applying tension, we achieve strength and toning in them.

We will do this exercise lying on the floor, we recommend that you have, in addition to the gym ball, a mat or fitness mat. We are going to place both calves on the gym ball, our back as close to the floor as possible to maintain a straight posture at the beginning of the exercise.

We can place our hands at our sides to have better support and support when making the movement. We will start by raising our pelvis, at the same time that we exert pressure on the buttocks to maximize the work.

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Once we lift to our maximum capacity, the next thing will be to bend the knees, so that we bring both the feet and the gym ball closer to our buttocks. We extend legs and lower hips. We will do 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

#3 Lunges.

Like squats, lunges can never be lacking in a good glute training routine, this exercise helps to firm the glutes as well as the leg muscles.

On this occasion, we will teach you how to do them, using a gym ball. What we will do is place ourselves in front and back to the gym ball, we are going to place the instep of the right foot back and on the ball, while the left leg will be placed forward and flexing the knee as we lower our torso applying pressure and resistance in the glutes and we rise again, once we do 12 repetitions, we will change legs and do the same movement 12 more times, in a total of 4 series. Read on to learn more about glute exercises with gym ball.

#4 Lumbar extension.

A somewhat complex exercise that at first can be somewhat uncomfortable, due to the position to be used, but with practice and continuity we will quickly master.

We will take the gym ball and place it in the center of the place where we are doing our exercises, in order to have as much space as possible.

#5 Back kick.

The back kicks are used to give shape and strength to the buttocks, if we do them using a gym ball, we will have a very comfortable and practical frontal support, since it helps us to maintain the straight posture of the torso when executing the exercise.

For this we are going to place our accessory on the floor and then we on it, supporting the chest and abdomen, our legs must be bent and supporting the knees on the floor.

The movement consists of giving a backward heel leg with one of our legs, said initial movement must be somewhat abrupt when raising and slow when returning to the initial position.

For them we are going to perform 4 sets of 12 repetitions on each leg. Don’t forget to apply tension to your glutes when kicking for best results.

We have shown you 5 exercises for glutes with gym ball, which you can practice in the comfort of your home or in the gym, if not you have one of these accessories in your own home.

We must always work on the firmness of all muscle groups to have a good symmetry, this guarantees us a vision from the aesthetic point of view and a distribution of force in our body.

As always, our recommendation is that you train daily, adopt new eating habits that are healthy, remember that you are what you eat.

Last but not least, a great and good attitude, keep that motivation active to always give the best of yourself. Remember that a healthy mind, consequently generates a healthy body.

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