6 Black Squid Ink Benefits You Didn’t Know About

6 Black Squid Ink Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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If you are NOT a picky eater, it’s easy for you to accept just any kind of food is served on the table, as long as you are not medically prohibited to take it. For some people, the smell might be their crucial point for their choice of food. For others, it’s the texture. And for several others, it’s the look.

When the first thing you consider when eating is the look of your food, you already have an initial judgement to that food even before it gets to you. When you do not like how it looks like, you probably won’t even try putting it in your mouth.

Many do not like how black squid looks like simply because of how its ink makes it look. It’s dark since it’s black, so when you eat it, your mouth gets the same color. Especially if you are eating such dishes in public or in restaurants, you might not like how it can stain your teeth and lips. It’s actually that ink from that fresh seafood that you might not be liking.

What you might not know however is that the black squid ink actually has amazing health benefits! Below are 6 of them! Check out and find out!



Squid ink contains amino acids that tremendously help in enhancing brain health. It also works well in revitalizing the memory. You can be the not-forgetful-friend and the sharp one with a mind that’s clear and sound. The Omega 3 EPA/DHA in the squid itself promotes normal brain operations. Also, the Dopamine in it boosts tough memory and fine concentration.


According to studies done through test tubes, squid ink has strong antimicrobial features. Because of that, hazardous bacteria and viruses can be neutralized. That function alone has a huge part in hampering diseases, ailments, and other outcomes that might be enormously detrimental to human health.


One of the most dangerous and death-causing disorders that have been ruining lives for countless years now is cancer. There are different kinds, but all are to be fought against! You might not have thought of squid ink being a powerful component of fresh seafood, but it actually is impactful!

Again, studies and observations through test tubes are noticed to have made a size reduction of tumors and impeded the worsening of cancerous cells. The antioxidants battle against free radicals which might lead to damage and destruction within cells.


Eating squid ink aids in shielding your heart from unwanted elements that might eventually cause severe illnesses. This heart protection is most likely because squid ink works on maintaining a healthy blood pressure. It also improves as the blood vessels expand.

Besides that, cholesterol levels can also be kept normal and in good state.


Squid ink takes action lessening the stomach acid occurrences within. Those who experience such know how painful, difficult and inconvenient it is aside from the fact that it is unhealthy. Together with that is unproductivity too since the hurt and struggle can stop whatever you are doing. Stomach ulcers root from this.


The antioxidants and vital nutrients found in squid ink has a huge role in fostering the body’s immune system. Free radicals are also lessened and/or halted since they might give rise to some unwanted body conditions. Cells are nurtured to grow and develop well, building an overall immunity that’s reliable.

Squid ink might not be everyone’s favorite, but it surely has great boons for your health! Don’t judge a food by its color alone! Know the good it has in store for you! Get its bests!