Cucumber water to lose weight

Cucumber Water to Lose Weight

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He is one of the most cultivated plants in the world, cheap, and benefits to health in many ways, the cucumber is easy to be found in any fair or grocery store, and 95% of its composition is water, which makes nearly calorie-free, an ideal food for people who want to lose weight, and a perfect ally.


Vegetable Benefits

The cucumber is a natural diuretic that is very good in aid of elimination of kidney stones also it is high in potassium in their composition and helps improve the flexibility of our muscles as well as encourage skin cells giving them more elasticity, giving a more youthful and beautiful, especially for the skin.

How To Consume

When ripe the fruit becomes very fibrous, so it loses its consistency and its seeds are rough and tough, making him expendable, so he must be consumed still green, and to make sure you’re in the right spot, its shell should have a lively and bright green color.

To be easily digested, the vegetable must be thoroughly chewed, eaten in salads, cold soups or cooked and preserved, in addition it is very tasty and can combine with any meal.

What is the Cucumber Water

The water made from cucumber brings enormous benefits in a diet for weight loss, let the belly slap, and still promotes wellness and good shape, what is the purpose of a lot of people, in main women. This water should be consumed during meals and comfortable, very rich in nutrients it regulates the intestine, and eliminates toxins in the body, prevents cellulite, brings a greater sense of satiety, and is full of antioxidants to stay young.

She is almost zero calories, nourishes too well the body and helps to eliminate those nasty love handles very easy and healthy with your super diuretic miraculous function which eliminates all excess liquids that always leaves us with that annoying sensation of swelling.

How to use the water for weight loss

She should be a part of your routine for the achievement of a perfect body, and includes in its menu, nutritious food and light to help in eliminating weight. It can be used before meals to keep you satisfied and eat less, or during meals to also inhibit appetite.

Recipe For Cucumber Water

Cucumber water to lose weight

  • 1 medium Cucumber, peeled
  • 2 liters of water
  • 12 mint leaves
  • 1 tsp. ginger
  • 1 medium lemon, cut into slices

How To Make:

Just put all the ingredients into the water in the fridge overnight, then in the morning is already ready their cucumber water, so drink and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful plant, which helps lose weight without side effects, natural and effective way, not fattening, it’s perfect, just know the right time to consume so the ideal is to always ask for help to a doctor to find out how to include elements in your diet, as well as s cucumber water.