Exercises for glutes and how to correctly do a pelvic curl

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The pelvic curl is one of the most classic exercises to tone the buttocks, but have you ever wondered if you are doing it correctly?

When we talk about doing exercises for the buttocks, there are many that are classics recommended by specialists and fitness gurus to include, in different ways, in your training routines. Regarding this area of the body, the pelvic curl is one of the most famous for toning and increasing volume, but are you doing it properly?

For each exercise that you do, regardless of the area of the body to which it is dedicated, it is very important that you know the keys to execute it correctly, not only to be effective, but also to avoid injuring yourself and that in the long run, it will be counterproductive for your health. In the case of short buttock routines, taking care of your lower back and lower back is essential.

If the pelvic curl is one of your favorites, here is a guide to understanding this exercise and the hacks to master it in a way that is efficient for your body.


What is a pelvic curl?

Exercises for glutes

A pelvic curl consists of a pelvic lift in which you rest on your bent legs on the ground. It is an exercise in which several muscles of the abdominal core (including the abdomen, lower back and obliques), quadriceps and gluteals are activated.

Although you rely on your legs and the soles of your feet to execute it, that is not where the force is concentrated, since the resistance to achieve it is located in the abdomen, while the buttocks work with a hypopressive movement to keep them contracted.

What are the benefits of the pelvic curl?

What are the benefits of the pelvic curl

According to a study carried out by the University of Durham in England, the most effective gluteal exercises are those that involve full hip extension, since they involve the greatest muscular effort in this part of the body.

In addition to working the abdomen, the pelvic curl isolates the activity of the buttocks while maintaining the elevation of the pelvis, so the toning that this exercise provides is very effective if done consistently.

How to do a pelvic curl correctly?

As in any other exercise, the key to doing the pelvic curl correctly is found in the posture you acquire to carry it out, since it will depend a lot on this that you do not get hurt and the correct activation of your muscles. The steps to do it properly are as follows.

About your posture on the ground

Lie on the floor with your legs bent, the opening should be measured with your knees in line with your shoulders. Your back and your neck must be perfectly placed on the ground, at no time should they get up.

As for your arms, don’t worry if you need to put more force on your elbows on the floor when you raise your pelvis.

When you elevate the pelvis

The elevation of the pelvis is a key moment in this exercise. According to trainers from the Spanish gym Powerexplosive Center, the secret lies in the way in which you direct your center of gravity when you lift, since one of the most common errors in this practice lies in the direction towards the cervical spine, that is, that push your body towards the upper zone.

According to the experts, ‘for there to be a correct activation of the gluteal area, the weight must be transferred to the feet’, but with a movement perpendicular to the ground. How is this movement achieved? Lean on your heels and before rising, contract your buttocks with a movement as if you were slightly dragging your whole body towards your feet, but without opening your legs too much.

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