Exercises to have an attractive and marked back

Exercises to have an attractive and marked back

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If you want to work on your back to make it look more attractive, then these four movements will help a lot. Focusing on this part of the body also helps to improve posture, as well as reduce pain and that you can comply with activities without problem, so it is not only about aesthetics.

Remember that it is very important to adopt the proper technique for each exercise, be safe and meet the objectives.

This training to work the muscles of the back includes two supersets and each one has two exercises, trying to complete 10 to 15 repetitions per movement. In addition, it has one minute of rest at the end of each circuit, since there are 4 laps. You will need dumbbells and the use of various machines.


#1 Row to press

Exercises to have an attractive and marked back

It is a simple and complete exercise, where you will work several muscles at the same time, such as the chest, back, biceps, shoulders and core. It also requires balance and coordination to do them well.

Here are two movements that are the row and the press, so you will have to bend forward with your knees slightly bent, then lift the dumbbells to chest level as in exercise number 3. Then you must return to the starting position and stand up carrying the weights up.

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Once you extend your arms to the ceiling, then return to the row exercise, bending your body to bring the weights to chest level. Continue with these two movements until the repetitions are completed.

#2 Lat pulldown

Exercises to have an attractive and marked back

This is another excellent exercise to target the muscles of the back, mainly rhomboids, traps, rounds, latissimus dorsi and biceps, it also has variants depending on the width of the grip.

Sit with your feet flat on the ground, check the height of the bar, and grab it with a wide grip to begin with. Now pull the bar down, engaging your abs as you do so.

The bottom of the movement should come to the point where the elbows can no longer go further down without moving backward. Slowly return to the starting position, controlling the movement.

Note: Although it is okay to move slightly backwards, try to keep your upper torso still. You can also adjust the knee pad so that the upper thigh is firmly tucked underneath, this will help you when injecting stress onto the bar.

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#3 Dumbbell row

Exercises to have an attractive and marked back

This exercise cannot be missed in workouts, as it is also effective for working the upper back and improving posture by just holding two dumbbells, a medium one in each hand.

Lean forward holding the dumbbells, keeping your back flat and knees slightly bent. Then raise both dumbbells to chest level, while you’re squeezing your shoulder blades, but make sure to keep your elbows in and pointing up.

Remember not to arch your back and slowly lower the weights to return to the starting position and continue with the same movement for the number of repetitions recommended in the beginning.

#4 Cable pullover

Exercises to have an attractive and marked back

When you do this exercise, the muscles involved are the deltoids and the triceps, making it ideal for strengthening the upper body. Increases range of motion compared to other exercises.

Stand in front of the machine, grab the rope, and keep a slight bend in your hips, as well as your knees and elbows. As you exhale bring your elbows back, pulling the rope up to your thighs, but make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and your back flat, this will complete one rep.

Remember that weight can vary, 10-15 pounds is a good starting point. As you become comfortable with the movement and if you wish, you can increase the resistance for greater effectiveness.