best fitbit surge women

Fitbit Surge Technology That You Can Wear

Womens Health

To the degree ease, looks, and precision go, you can’t beat the Fitbit brand. Within the last year, the association has released its latest model, the best fitbit surge women,  total with broad wellbeing following, GPS tracker, visitor ID, and music control across the board contraption.


  • A smart look with a blend of band tints
  • Easy-to-use LCD grandstand to screen progress
  • Tracks steps, rest, stairs, calories seethed, pulse, and that is just a glimpse of something more substantial and is a champion among the most strong health trackers accessible.
  • Versatile and grants you to follow up to seven activities
  • Get together with your mobile phone for Caller ID and various limits.
  • Included GPS chipset
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices


  • The influential band that is clunkier than customary Fitbit styles
  • Non-comprehensive charger
  • One of the more expensive gadgets at $249 each
  • Alright battery life, anyway, on the occasion that is checking various activities, it won’t last over five hours.
  • No informal communication affiliation


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