How Can YOGA Cure Erectile Dysfunction

How Can YOGA Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

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Yoga Poses That Can Benefit to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a collection of problems connected with gaining and keeping an erection stable sufficient for physical intercourse. If you are confronted with issues, do not hurry to take medications; try a set of asanas promoted by yoga therapists, especially for men’s health. Vidalista 20

What creates the ED?

Many circumstances can produce a physical function disorder in men, principally blood vessels, and hormonal disorders. Some permanent conditions, such as cardiovascular disorder or diabetes, also cause erectile dysfunction.

Tension and anxiety, which are extensive among citizens of large cities and smoking, drink, and inactive work, negatively affect potency. Although situational erection difficulties are not always a cause for anxiety, lifestyle adjustments can help avoid recurrent problems and enhance healthy strength.

When faced with a difficulty, do not hurry to turn to traditional medicines, but take a few minutes a day for a different yoga practice. The result, according to yoga therapists, will not stop you waiting.

Alternative to Viagra

Sildenafil (Fildena) is often used to treat erectile dysfunction symptomatically. In addition to the difficulty in the form of a special prize, any drugs have unhealthy side effects. Yoga is an affordable and secure tool for the healing and development of the body and mind. The scientific study of the last decade in physical medicine shows that yoga can be helpful for potency problems.

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a study was published by a group of scientists from India on yoga practice on male potency. The study included 65 men aged 24 to 60 years. The members spent 12 weeks in a unique camp, exercising yoga daily. Before and after the course, the issues valued their condition using a particular survey. As an outcome of the experiment, the researchers found that yoga significantly increased the sexual performance on eight signs desire, pleasure with intercourse, span, self-esteem, sense to feel a partner, erection, power of ejaculation, orgasm intensity.

Asanas to improve potency

The following set of asanas is designed explicitly by yoga specialists to manage male sexual function difficulties. Simple and effective asanas increase relaxation and increase blood flow in the pelvic area, which naturally excites energy.


This asana is also recognized as the forward bend while resting. The pose releases tension in the pelvic area during extended sitting, thereby improving blood flowing in this area. Soothes and reduces anxiety.

How to do:

Sit on the rug with your legs elongated. For newcomers, it is suggested to place a closed blanket or brick under the basin. With energy, push your legs ahead, as if resting toward the wall in front of you. Release the sitting bones by pushing the gluteus muscles on every side with your hands to raise the pelvis’s rotation.

Bend your knees slightly, bend your body forward. Stretch behind the crown of your head towards your toes. Don’t turn your back. If you can get under deep complete, wrap your arms round your feet with your elbows on the floor. But don’t use your hands as support; this will injure your lower back.

Hold the asana for one to three minutes. Pay awareness to your breath and watch the tight muscles in the back of your legs and around your hip joints slowly relax.


This position is similar to the earlier one, but the front bend is performed from a standing posture. Asana is very popular in all yoga styles. This intense stretching of the back of the legs lengthens spasmodic muscles, reduces stress, relaxes the heart muscle, improves digestion, and stimulates internal organs. Several yoga therapists will smile at the idea that the pose is useful for impotence.

How to do:

From a standing position, inhale, with an exhale, gently lower the body down, holding you’re back straight. For exact execution, try to stretch ahead behind the crown so that the backbone remains straight.

Put your body weight slightly forward, closer to the front of the foot. It is recommended that the knees bend slightly to allow the lower back to stretch, turning the body at the hip joints. If you are flexible enough, straighten your legs, cross your arms at your forearms, and let your torso and neck relax lower towards the floor. You should also try vidalista 40 to treat your impotence.

Hold the asana for 30 seconds and a minute. Breathe slowly and deeply. While inhaling, slightly raise and lengthen the body, while exhaling, while relaxing, allow the body to relax, dropping marginally lower. The head and neck do not strain during execution; slightly shake them, as if nodding.

Baddha Konasana

Baddha Konasana or «butterfly» is another asana beneficial for men’s health. The stretching of the inner thighs and groin stimulates the prostate gland, kidneys, and bladder.

In India, the asana is known as the «shoemaker pose.» Men of this profession sit on the ground all day with their legs folded in a butterfly. Thanks to this position, their sedentary work for many hours is not harmful to health, maintaining average blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

How to do:

Sit on the mat with your legs apart. If you feel that you cannot keep your back straight, place a blanket or bolster under your pelvis with a natural lumbar arch. Bend your knees, bringing the outer feet together. You don’t need to bounce your hips; instead, push the extreme feet against each other and keep your knees out to the sides.

Consciously rotate the front of your thighs backward. Maintain calm and deep breathing. If you want to deepen the asana, use your hands to press on the hips.

Rest in the asana for 1 to 5 minutes. Breathing, extend your torso higher. Imagine someone picking the top of your head, stretching your spine apart from your tailbone. If you watch for fast ED relief then you can take Vidalista 60 or tadalista 20 weekend pills.

Janu Shirshasana

The asana eases and stretches the body from top to knees, improves blood flow in the lower abdomen, the pelvic area. By healing the physical body, janu shirshasana also supports to relieve stress and nervous tiredness.


Dhanurasana, or «bow,» is an acrobatics, toning position that benefits the reproductive organs and increases blood flow to the pelvic and genital area. The asana expands the muscles in the front of the body, including the hips and groin. Promotes digestion and follows posture by opening the thoracic spine.