Physical Activity in a Man’s Life is Important

Physical Activity in a Man's Life is Important

We live in a world where physical comfort is so abundant that it can seem that we are purchasing an unhealthy body. Men’s health is declining in many ways, one of which is their failure to engage in physical activities that are essential to their overall well-being. Men used to be the family’s primary breadwinners, … Read more

What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Causes, Treatments, And Precautions?

What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Causes, Treatments, And Precautions

What is ED (erectile dysfunction)? ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is different from impotence (impotence), a condition in which you cannot have satisfactory sexual intercourse because you cannot have an erection or maintain an erection. An epidemiological study conducted in Japan reported that about 20% of men in their 40s, about 40% in their 50s, and about … Read more

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