The best buttock exercises to get it tall and firm

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We all want it: a tall and firm ass and, of course, we are willing to do those buttock exercises that guarantee it. A (wise) friend of mine said that, in the end, we are all the same: old and young, tall and short, posh and modern, ‘celebrities’ and normal girls, when we are in the changing room of a store with our best friend, the question we ask we always do is «What the fuck do these pants do to me?».

Of course we have galleries of pants that make a good ass but also the 4 infallible (and super easy) exercises to lift and tone it.


The best buttock exercises to have a tall and firm butt

1. Squats with weights

Hip Thrust

«It is a flexion of the legs until bringing the hips up to the height of the knees and extending again. At all times keeping the legs parallel and back straight».

2. Hip Thrust (or Glute Bridge) with weights

“They are hip lifts where the weight is placed above the hip and having the scapular area as a point of support. In this way, the hip is raised, keeping the feet on the ground, exercising the entire posterior chain of the leg.”

3. Glute kicks

Glute kicks

“There are many ways to do them, such as bent or straight legs, with a load such as a pulley or quadruped with an ankle brace. It consists of taking the leg back and up keeping the scapular zone parallel to the ground and keeping the abdomen contracted so as not to force the lower back” comments the director of Fit Club Madrid.

4. Hip abductions

Hip abductions

«Like the kicks, there are several ways, such as freely on the ground with anklets or standing pulleys or seated machine. This movement must take the leg towards the outside of the body keeping the leg parallel to the other.»

Gluteus exercises can be done alone or integrated into your leg routine or the day you work your back muscles. His recommendation is to do them 2 times a week: 15-20 repetitions per series and do 4 series. And of course, never forget to stretch at the end of your workout.»

A fairly effective and easy way to do this is by standing up and placing your heel on your knee and flexing your supporting leg. This way, keeping your leg parallel to the ground and your back straight, you will stretch your gluteus.»

There are no excuses, friend, now you have the exercises (which, furthermore, you can easily do at home even if you don’t have much time) and all autumn, winter and spring ahead of you to get a tall and firm ass.