Why Bad Oral Hygiene can Cause a White Tongue

Why Bad Oral Hygiene can Cause a White Tongue

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Sometimes life is moving fast, and it can be stressful. Good routines are then replaced by pulling all-nighters, not eating right, lack of time management, and many other things. It can be challenging to follow all your good routine habits in such days. You might also feel that your breath is not pleasant, and something is wrong with the color of your tongue. Yes, it is white, and it is not a good sign. Then you will feel the need to improve your oral habits as soon as possible.


Reasons Behind the White Tongue?

A bad tongue is a sign of poor oral hygiene. Other causes of the white tongue can also be fungal infections, trauma, and even cancer. However, mainly it is due to your carelessness towards oral hygiene. There are days when you brush correctly but do not feel like flossing, or you avoid using a tongue scraper to clean your tongue, which may cause infections on your tongue, turning it white.

If you have unhealthy diets, it can also affect your oral hygiene big time. If you are eating food that can be tough on your mouth, you should make sure to brush and floss your teeth afterward properly. One of the primary causes of a white tongue is drinking and smoking. Sometimes you might feel sick, or your nose is blocked, then breathing through the mouth can also be a reason for your white tongue. The important thing is to improve your oral hygiene because it leads to bad breath, which might hamper with your social life as well.

Tips to Improve your White Tongue

The vital thing to do is to follow a good oral hygiene routine. Therefore, here are some tips discussed by Dentist Central Coast:

  • Start by cleaning your teeth twice a day using a fluoride-based toothpaste.
  • With the help of a tongue cleaner or a soft bristle brush, nicely scrap your tongue.
  • After brushing do not forget to floss your teeth at least once to clean between your teeth
  • If, by following all such steps, you are not able to get rid of your white tongue or you feel issues with your mouth, consult your doctor. You can also look up at the Kariong Dental Care website to get more information and you can book your next appointment with us.

Keep your Oral Hygiene on Point

Having an aesthetically pleasing smile does not mean you have a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth is when your breath is fresh. The key to a healthy mouth is to brush your teeth properly, floss, and scrape your tongue, and you will experience freshness in your breath. If it has been a really long time since you have seen your dentist, then book your appointment at Kariong Dental Care. We have family dentists like Dentist Gosford, who can resolve your oral issues. You can also get a professional cleaning of your teeth, and our dentists will do proper checkups.