Why Kariong Dental is not a Preferred Provider

Why Kariong Dental is not a Preferred Provider

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Here at Kariong Dental, we believe in offering a tailored dental service to our customers. After all, no two mouths are the same. We treat our customers as individuals and wish for them to get the maximum benefit of our service with every visit.

This, among multiple other reasons, is why we do not subscribe to the Preferred Provider scheme offered by the Health Fund.

Users of the Health Fund do not have to pay as much to access the same dental company as those who wish to pay privately. Whilst this may seem like an attractive deal on the surface, health fund customers are at risk of getting less value for their money in the longer term.

All that Health Fund Preferred Dentist Mascot has to do to join the scheme is to meet the minimum fee requirements as set up by the fund. They do not have to perform any special services or demonstrate their expertise or know-how; all they have to do is complete a form and agree to work to a set of preordained standards that adhere to the health fund rules and regulations. Health fund dentists can also take advantage of free advertising via the Health Fund recommendations.


Health Fund Customer Treatment

Joining the Preferred Provider scheme is beneficial for dentists who wish to draw in more customers, but because health fund customers pay less, less honest dentists will cut corners and provide a substandard service, just to get the customer out of the door as quickly as possible. Kariong Dental will never do this, we believe in establishing long term relationships with our customers and do not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach to dentistry and oral health.

Secondly, health fund customers can fall victim to an unnecessary cycle of appointments. To recuperate costs, some dentists may advise that a procedure will need to take place over several sessions or advise that patients need extra treatment when they do not. This is so they can keep up with costs by filling up their appointment books. Kariong dental understands that your time is precious. We provide treatment only in as many appointments as necessary and will only advise you to have a treatment you truly need.

Kariong Dental Customer Promise

Kariong Dental is here solely for the benefit of our customers. The Health Fund benefits itself first and foremost. It is more cost-effective for customers to save and pay for dental work themselves than it is for them to subscribe to the health fund. They will receive a better service and a dentist that takes their time to get to know them and the service they need.

We are a caring dental practice that prioritises a gentle and unique experience for every customer. We understand that visiting the dentist can be worrisome for many, that’s why we never rush, we listen to our customers and work to put their minds at ease. We want every customer to have a positive experience with dentist Gosford so we work hard to be the best. We could not do this for our customers if we chose to join the Preferred Provider scheme, as doing so would mean that we could not provide all of our features and excellent service.

We care about every person and every tooth. We are not in the business of pulling teeth because it’s quick and easy. We try to save every tooth and work with our customers to perfect their oral hygiene and offer affordable root canal therapy. We want you to have a mouth you are proud of; every Kariong Dental customer is entitled to the smile they deserve.