Xylitol A Natural Sugar Benefiting Oral Health of your Child

All of the dentists will surely and most definitely forbid you from using sugar and its by-products. Sugar the major culprit for damaging the teeth and gums. But have you heard of such form of sugar that benefits the oral growth and health of your child?

How can Xylitol be explained?

It is a form of sugar that is present naturally in various food items like a birch tree, plums, raspberries and strawberries explained by the emergency dentist for kids. The appearance is like ordinary sugar and even tastes like it but doesn’t contain the harmful health effects of white sugar. It is made for the fibers of plants which has a slow process of breaking down in the body.

How old is the use?

You must be thinking that it is used for several hundred years. But on the contrary, it is 40-50 years old because people knew the benefits at that time. The people of America and Scandinavia have been using it since then and now the whole world is profiting for the positive effects of it.

The working of this Natural Sugar

The normal sugar that your child intakes; produce harmful acids that is a favorite food source for bacteria. These bacteria directly attack the enamel resulting in cavities, teeth decay and different gum diseases and infections. But Xylitol is not digested by the bacteria and their reproduction stops; which then lowers the quantity of acid o the teeth.

Benefits of the teeth by an emergency dentist for kids

Xylitol A Natural Sugar Benefiting Oral Health of your Child

You must be wondering how sugar can be a benefit to the teeth of your child; well, Xylitol is no ordinary sugar. Along with fluoride, calcium and phosphate salts; this natural sugar helps to improve the dental health of your child. You can not only fulfill the sugar craving of your child but also provide the following benefits.

It creates fewer bacteria

As mentioned above that this sugar is not a favorite of bacteria; so they don’t consume it. The bacteria need a large amount of sugar to attack the enamel of the tooth but this natural sugar doesn’t provide the amount needed so the assault on the teeth is very less.

Controlling the pH level

It is a scale of measuring the quantity of acid that is created in the mouth. This sugar comes from plants that are found naturally so it regulates the pH level of acid in the mouth. The more sugar on the teeth then the higher the level of acid will be detected.

Doesn’t stick on the teeth

When your child eats products made from ordinary sugar; it has the bad habit of sticking to the teeth and becomes difficult to take it off. So you have to go to a dental clinic such as Pediatric Dentist Tulsa to have it removed. But Xylitol doesn’t stick to the upper casing of the teeth.

Cavities can be reversed

The control of pH level and less sticking on the teeth makes it difficult for the bacteria to chew on the enamel because sugar doesn’t stat on the teeth. This is a reason why cavities don’t develop and tooth decay is less often. It also has been noticed that it has the ability to reverse the effects of cavities. When bacteria are less automatically the effects will be less.

What are the sources of getting it?

There are several ways by which you can introduce Xylitol in your daily routine. There are many medications, oral products and food items that have this natural sugar. You can easily and without worry your child to take this sugar.

Chewing Gums

The most common source of Xylitol is chewing gums. Generally speaking, chewing gums increase the saliva in the mouth and the plaque can stick on the gum to reduce the acids. This special ingredient in the gum is very good because it can reverse the effects of tooth decay.

Oral Medications

There are medicines available in drug stores that can be used. Capsules, tablets and other oral medications can be taken and given to your child. Topical gels and creams can be applied in the mouth of the child. But make sure that the child spits the medicine out.

Sweets and candies

Your child will be surprised and a little dumbfounded when you will give him/ her sweets and candies to eat. You can freely give them because it has many oral benefits and can fulfill the sugar craving of the child. You have to make it a point to give your child only Xylitol containing sweets.

Various dental products

This consists of toothpaste, mouthwashes, gels, pacifiers and mouth sprays. Brushing with toothpaste is done twice a day and mouth wash is using every other day. The baby products like pacifier are most of the time in the mouth of the child and mouth sprays are done occasionally.

Food Products

It is a form of sugar; so it can be used in any food you want to cook. It is also present in many prepared food that is manufactured on a large scale.

Does it Have Side Effects?

According to the emergency dentist for kids, there are no apparent side effects of Xylitol. But there can be children who are allergic to it and can react to the sugar. Otherwise, no negative effects have been recorded.

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